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Fort Morgan Beach weddings and Fort Morgan Alabama weddings

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Fort Morgan beach weddings | Gulf Shores beach wedding


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We Perform Fort Morgan Beach Weddings

At the beach weddings is a wedding service company that fulfills the dreams of brides and grooms planning a Fort Morgan beach wedding.

We strive to provide the best beach wedding and wedding ceremony on the cost. Our beach wedding arch setups are comprised of natural Bamboo, beautiful flowers and green foliage to create a fantastic beach wedding setup. Our flower wedding arbors are thick full of flowers greens and beach wedding decorations and come in many beautiful designs to pick from.

Advanced Professional photography is included in all our wedding packages not just snap shots like others give you. Your photos will be the everlasting memory of your Fort Morgan beach wedding and At The Beach Weddings provides the highest quality photography on the coast using only professional cameras and using off camera lighting when needed. All your beach photos are professionally edited and include many special photo tint effects. Your photos will be burned to a DVD ready for you to make prints in any size your want. We include a signed copyright giving your rights so you can make all your own prints. See our sample photos and see why At The Beach Weddings is the right Fort Morgan wedding service for your Fort Morgan beach wedding. Your photos will also be uploaded to a password protected On-Line photo gallery for 60 days so you your family and friends can enjoy your Fort Morgan beach wedding photos and place print orders if you like.

As part of your wedding photo coverage we will include beach wedding service coverage, group photos, bride and groom photos and fun crazy stuff – Beach weddings are fun and we want your photos to reflect your wedding, the fun you had, the beautiful Emerald coast white sands and beaches and your true love on your special wedding day.

At The Beach Weddings shoots beach and sunset weddings 7 days a week up and down the cost of Florida and Alabama.

We are a

  • Orange beach wedding photographer and wedding arch service
  • Gulf Shores wedding photographer and wedding arch service
  • Fort Morgan wedding photographer and wedding arch service
  • Perdido Key wedding photograpger and wedding arch service
  • Pensacola wedding photographer and wedding arch service
  • Navarre wedding photographer and wedding arch service
  • Fort Walton beach wedding photographer and wedding arch service
  • Fort Morgan wedding photographer and wedding arch service
  • Santa Rosa Beach wedding photographer and wedding arch service

We love shooting beach weddings and offer bamboo wedding arch set ups for your special beach wedding.

We use special off camera lighting and natural light to make sure your photos are the best they can be. Our customer service is second to none with super fast posting of your wedding pictures on line after the wedding for you and all your friends and family to see. Check out our new photo gallery’s and see for your self why at The Beach Weddings is the right photographer for your wedding. We specialize in beach weddings and cover them like no one else can.

A few sample wedding photos.

Fort Walton Beach beach wedding

Fort Walton Beach wedding

Party time at a Fort Morgan Beach Club wedding

Party time at a Fort Morgan Beach Club wedding

Photos from a Perdido Key beach wedding

Photos from a Perdido Key beach wedding

The bride before the wedding in Gulf Shores Alabama

The bride before the wedding in Gulf Shores Alabama

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Hiring a beach wedding photographer

Hiring a photographer for a wedding is a must. So much planning goes into a wedding that a couple will certainly want to have great pictures to document the  occasion as it unfolds . Plus, family members and friends are going to want photographs to remind them of  Your  wedding day. While amateur photos are nice in some instances, there is nothing like a  professional photographer & a complete professionally designed wedding album to reflect on . Grand Photography offers many Wedding Albums to choose from & offers wedding packages to fit all couples needs.
Couples should begin the process of looking for a wedding photographer  at least a year in advance of the wedding date. Grand Photography only books one Wedding per day because we want to give our clients the one best time for their wedding pictures sunset.
While the cost of a wedding photographer may seem a bit exorbitant, in truth, to not hire a professional photographer a couple is opening themselves up to the possibility of disappointment. While family members and friends may take fantastic photos on vacations and the like, there really is no guarantee that they will take outstanding photos on the wedding day. Besides, family and friends should be focusing on the fun day, not on working during the wedding!

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Finding the right DJ for Your Fort Morgan Pensacola Orange beach Wedding


Finding the right disc jockey for Your Fort Morgan beach Wedding is one of the most important decisions you can make to ensure the success of your beach wedding reception .image-home-side-20

Everything else can be perfect but if the music is not very good the party can fizzle out before you even get to cut the cake. Selecting the right wedding DJ can be confusing.

Look for something like “We specialize in Fort Morgan beach Weddings ” probably a good one to call. Some DJ companies may have more than one DJ working for them. If someone has referred you to a company based on a certain DJ make sure that is the DJ that will be hosting your reception Not all Djs are as good as the reputation of another. Even if the company has been in business for many years ,They may have just hired a DJ last week. Be sure who you are getting . As you search remember that above all, You want your wedding to be fun.

A good Fort Morgan wedding DJ will get your party started make announcements and play the right music at the right times. Also a good DJ will offer a high quality light shows to make your wedding or beach wedding have a great atmosphere.

Some Pensacola DJs may change a extra fee to set up on the beach for a beach wedding. If your wedding is outside the area they may charge a travel fee as well.

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Happy New Year – We're getting the beach ready for you.

Weddings on the beach is our specialty

Weddings on the beach is our specialty

Well its 2009 and its time to plan all the details of your beach wedding and time to book all your wedding services before it’s to late. To late being everyone is booked up and you can not get everything you want for your wedding day.

Beach rental homes that are wedding friendly book up fast and many condos fill up fast to. Good DJs or disc jockeys can only do one wedding a day so they book up fast. Photography books up fast to most photographers are booked as one of the first things booked for a beach wedding. If you plan on hiring us or another photographer you should lock in your date as soon as you can or you may end up with a less qualified photographer when the photographer you wanted is all ready booked for your wedding date. We have all ready had to turn down many brides as we have their wedding date all ready booked.

Beach wedding services like a wedding arch on the beach with minister services are booking very fast we talk with many other wedding vendors and the beach minister and arch packages are booking up fast for 2009. Looks like 2009 is the year for lots of summer beach weddings.

Your beach wedding can be a fantastic experience as long as you plan a good amount of time ahead and make sure you book all the right wedding professionals. Make sure you check out who you are hiring as each year many new business start up trying to get into the beach wedding business and each year most of them do not make it a year and they are out of business. You do not want to get stuck hiring a new service that is out of business before your wedding date after you paid them money.

Photographers are one of the worst now days. Many people think they can buy $1200 of camera equipment and run a few ads and they have a photography business. The bad part about this is the people who do end up hiring them end up with very poor quality photos of their wedding if any. When you think about your photos they are one of the only things you will have for years to come from your wedding day so you should want the best you can even if you have to cut down on another wedding item to pay for good quality photos in the long run it’s worth every cent. On banker we talked with told us they have more new photographers opening business accounts then just about any other business in the last few years. He also told us that 99% of them all closed their account with in 6 months to a year and are out of business. Owning a camera and running ads dose make you a professional photographer and running a successful business is another job aside from the years of photography skills needed.

What to look for in a Photographer

  • How long have they been is business.
  • Do they have a real local business license surprisingly many don’t.
  • Can they take major credit cards if not something is wrong.
  • How many beach weddings have they shot. Shooting a beach wedding in the sun on the beach is not easy if you want great photos.
  • What kind of equipment do they us. Professional quality equipment is essential to making good photos.
  • Do they have back up cameras, lens and flash’s – If a lens camera or flash quits working on your wedding will they be able to keep shooting? and keep shooting with the same quality of before something broke. Having a $300 backup camera is not going to cut it.
  • Are they using professional quality lens or cheep low cost lens. A lower cost lens will not product the quality of image as a lens that cost much more. A $500 lens will not produce that same quality of a $1200 lens and a $200 lens should never even be used for a professional job like your wedding.
  • Do they really know how to use their camera- most newer photographers have no clue how to use their camera they put everything in auto and hope for the best. On the beach doing this will give them very poor quality photos. We almost never use auto it just dose not work well on the beach with the suns strong light.
  • What kind of lighting do they use. We use off camera lighting, on camera lighting and natural lighting. we see many new photographers using flash when its not needed or not using the right kind of flash when it is needed. When its not done right you the customer suffers with poor quality photos.
  • Look at the photographers work very closely as most photographers will show only the best work they have so if it looks like many photos from the same few weddings over and over then they have not shot very many weddings that did come out good or they would be showing more of them. For us you can see hundreds of sample photos from lots and lots of wedding we have shot. you can see in our work we are very consistent in what we shoot.
  • Are the photographers images bright, clear, sharp and have good colors. Shooting is one thing but then the images need to be edited if they are not edited right the images can look dull boring lack color pop and be not very sharp. We spend as much time editing as we do shooting to make sure your images are edited right.
  • How fast will your photos be posted on-line for you to view? We hear story’s all the time that photographers are taking 3 and 4 months to edit and post wedding images – That is just nuts we post all our wedding photos on-line with in two weeks most of the time they are up with in a week. And we shoot more weddings then most other photographers in the area sometimes 7 weddings in 7 days in the summer time and we still get them all posted with in two weeks or sooner.
  • What kind of wedding albums do they offer. Over the years we have changed the albums we offer as new better kinds of albums have become available. We offer a outstanding wedding album that has many cover options and page options. This is the best album we have found for super quality, super image printing all real Kodak prints, best cover options, best turn around time and most durable long lasting protection for you wedding photos. The pages are water resistance.

So watch out when hiring your photographer it takes years to become a good wedding photographer not weeks and shooting on the beach adds in more problems the photographer must overcome to provide good quality image. Everyday on the beach is different  and the lighting changes as the clouds move changing how the photos will look as they move. Some days are overcast some days are not. As the sun is setting the cameras exposure change every few minutes and it also changes based on the direction you shoot on the beach. You just don’t want to trust all this to someone who has not been shooting on the beach for a long time. Shooting on the beach is nothing like shooting a church wedding even highly experienced wedding photographers that have been shooting church wedding for many years come to the beach only to find that the way they normally shoot will not work on the beach. They are not used to shooting with a bright sun shinning in from one side and changing constantly. Shooting beach weddings is a art on to itself.

Step on down to the beach for the beach wedding of your dreams

Step on down to the beach for the beach wedding of your dreams

At The Beach Weddings offers professional beach wedding photography services for the Emerald cost of Florida and Alabama.  Our normal driving range includes Orange beach, Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan, Perdido Key, Pensacola, Navarre, Fort Walton Beach and the Fort Morgan area including Sandestin. We offer Alabama beach wedding photography, Florida beach wedding photography. Wedding pictures,  sunset weddings and sunset wedding photos for sunset beach weddings.

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