About Us

.. Not really .. It’s about YOU!


At Grand Photography we do what we love Photography.

We love shooting weddings and have a blast shooting family beach portraits, High school senior’s and baby’s on the beach. We live only a few minutes from the beach and when we are not shooting we like to go fishing, walking or out for a beachey drink.  Is beachey a real word my spell checker say’s no! o well i like it..

Here’s a little bit about us. We are a husband and wife photography team and we work together making your wedding dreams come true. Hay what a great job!.  My name is Ed and my wife is Donna. If you take the first letter in each of our names and put them together your back to me ED Lol..

I am the lead shooter and my wife is the second shooter and she helps set up the group formal photos. Before the wedding if your wedding packages includes it Donna will be hanging out with the bride shooting photos of her and the girls getting ready and i will be with the guys shooting them and shooting lots of detail shots. Right before the wedding after the bride is all dressed i might run in for a few minutes and take a few shots of the bride to. When it’s wedding time Donna makes her way up to the front by the minister if its a beach wedding and i stay back shooting the wedding party and bride coming down the beach but at the same time Donna is using a zoom lens and is also shooting everything from a different angle Wow! two angles of coverage. During the wedding we both shoot a little bit of everything close ups of the sweet emotions (Not the Areosmith song) Wide angle shots, Details and more. We capture the love and spreed it on with our photos.

Ok back to about us. I am from Hollywood Florida and my wife is from Gulfport MS.

Other then photography i enjoy making websites like this one. I made it and all our web sites. I also love working on creating software for photographers. Donna enjoys chatting on the phone with brides and hanging out on the internet. Donna handles all the bookings and customer relations.

If your into photography you can check out one of my programs at Hollywood Photo Magic another web site i run. This is software for a photographer to use along with Photo shop to help create wedding album page designs. I use it for all my wedding designs. We have sold and shipped the program to photographers all over the world. Here is the link

I am currently working on a database program for photographers to keep track of customers and orders plus I have a few other things in the fire to.

We love doggies .. we have two older dogs Lucy and Poko  .. ruff ruff they say HI.  So that is about us! Photography is our life and what we do.

We hope you’ll let us become part of you wedding  .. like they say in the south ( You’ll be glad you did ) We want you to have great wedding photos and know how to make it happen!. So whata you waiting for give us a call and getter done before someone else books your date!. (More southern slang)

We hope to meet with you soon..

Ed and Donna Morgan

Grand Photography

(850) 346-7286